2013. január 28., hétfő

Elköltöztem! /// I moved!

Ide /// to here: chiennevolante.wordpress.com

2013. január 16., szerda

2013. január 1., kedd

2012. december 5., szerda

Lucky is a lucky dog

Lucky is 9 (almost 10) years old, full of smile, and friendly with everyone.
I fell in love with her right away when I saw her picture on the site of Rex Animal Shelter. We had a walk together one Saturday, and next weekend she came home with me. First night we both were truly afraid of the new situation, but we are getting used to each other now. :) In the first few days she followed me everywhere and painstakingly monitored every single movement of mine, but now she's more "negligent" towards me.
She has not been permanantly adopted for 6 years because she is a master of escaping gardens. Moreover the volunteers at Rex said that people in general don't want to adopt old dogs, and - for me it's really weird - people don't like to adopt black dogs! Wow.
So now she lives with me in a flat - that she can't escape. I had a fear that she won't like this situation, but she's behaving well - at least when I'm at home. When I'm not she's a couch-conqueror!

2012. november 30., péntek

Font advancement

Recently my font has changed from a thin-line-font to a trensparent one. It has a brand new name, either: it's called "TRIONGL" from now on.

The inspiration for this change comes from Bruce Mau's Manifesto: "Capture accidents - The wrong answer is the right answer in search of a different question. Collect wrong answers as a part of the process..."

I used the "leftover" letterforms I've made in the process of designing the original font. I've put them together and made them transparent, so each one of them can be seen. Together they form the final letterforms:

2012. november 29., csütörtök

2012. november 11., vasárnap

2012. november 9., péntek

Proud member...

... of the Birdlife Society Hungary.

2012. november 8., csütörtök


The movement of the line reacts to the movement of the user (through webcam), and the thickness of the line is affected by a sound sample that's played while "drawing". In the future it will react to the microphone input.

2012. október 24., szerda

Bird tracking app - working on...

I've been working on a bird tracking app recently. It's two main functions are to list the birds of Budapest, and to give an oppurtinity to track down when and where others (or you) saw a bird in Budapest. So it's mainly a "birds of Budapest" catalogue, with an interactive map.
Below, on the second pic you can see the two designs, the older is on the left, the most recent is on the right (I like this one better). On the third pic you can see the *CHAOS* that evolves when I'm working on something.

2012. október 18., csütörtök

The beginning of a beautiful friendship?

I've started to learn Android programming. Oh, God!
*UPDATE*: Three days passed, and my brain is craving for fluffy cats and rainbows and unicorns. Joking. But honestly now I can see that it wont be a beautiful friendship at all. Sometimes I'm too naive.

2012. október 8., hétfő

2012. október 7., vasárnap

watercolor letters

I have an identity&website job for a girl who designs kitchen textiles. She also has a gastroblog with great recipes and photos - check it out at rakottkert.blogspot.com.
She wants something that's unique and handmade, but she doesn't want calligraphy - rather something that's more like the traditional printed letters. So I've just came up with the idea of painting the logo (and the food pictograms) with aquarelle. I realy like the solid elegant and friendly look it has.

2012. október 1., hétfő

poor Illustrator!

He's gettin' stripy.

2012. szeptember 30., vasárnap

instant calendar - for october

I urgently needed a calendar for the next month. Since university started I have so many tasks and deadlines that I cant't keep all of the stuff in my head. In September I used simple A4 pices of paper to keep track of everything, but that's not quite a good idea for a long time. I wanted a notebook-like calendar - one for one month. (I like moleskine calendars, but I dont like the idea of carrying the whole year with me.)
I've bound (I mean sewn and cut) this one in more or less 20 minutes.

2012. szeptember 28., péntek

instant font

I was always thinking about designing a typeface... Unfortunately I am the type of person who is always dreaming and really seldomly does anything. Really. It's horrible. But this afternoon I've felt the sudden and disturbing urge to make letters (a whole font maybe...?). I've came up with the idea of "string letters" that could be sewn into fabric as well. A project like this is perfect for a "very first font" project, it doesn't involve much curves and kerning and all.
The forms are silly, I know, but I like how they look.

2012. szeptember 27., csütörtök

Átváltok angolra szövegburjánoztatás céljából.

2012. szeptember 16., vasárnap

Áj dont knó. Szakmasztár. Fesztivál.

Pályázat. Csak most. Csak nekünk (meg a Képzősöknek). A horrorisztikus eredeti honlap: Szakmasztár

2012. szeptember 11., kedd

2012. augusztus 13., hétfő

Kleó, a sün

Mint minden rendes (háziasított) sün, ő is szeret vécépapírgurigával a fején szaladgálni. :D

2012. július 8., vasárnap

Könnyű, nyári, bruschettás

Jó kis hőségbenkaja.

2012. július 2., hétfő

2012. június 16., szombat

2012. június 15., péntek

2012. június 14., csütörtök

2012. június 11., hétfő

2012. június 4., hétfő

Két totál lökött madár

Károly és Zoltán.
Szeretik a post-rockot (jól ki fogunk jönni) és imádnak tévét nézni (biztos, hogy jól ki fogunk jönni???)

2012. május 29., kedd

Bérlete van a biciklimnek, de menő

22 évesen végre megtanultam biciklizni, mégmenőbb!

2012. május 26., szombat

2012. május 23., szerda

2012. május 4., péntek